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Noka Technologies

About Noka Starts Here

“Noka ensures customer satisfaction with quality products across sectors and robust after-sale services.”

Noka Services Products

Noka Industry (NOKA) Is One Of China’s Leading And Most Respected Manufacturers. Noka Was Established In 2015 In California And Expanded Its Operations In ASIA, AMERICA AND LATIN AMERICA.

Noka focus its quality in 7 products, such as: Stainless Steel & Metals, Construction & Farming Machinery, Petrol & LPG Equipment, IT Software Technology, Electric & Gasoline Motorcycles, Polyester fabric and Leather and Medical Equipment type I and II.

Government Projects:
Noka also can provide investment financing, planning and design, construction contracting, and equipment for customers at home and abroad, and Noka has additional government financing for overseas projects. We will support your projects financially.

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