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What is XPS Extruded Insulation Board?

XPS extruded insulation board is an extruded polystyrene heat insulation board. It is made of polystyrene resin as raw material plus other raw materials and polymers. It is heated and mixed while injecting a catalyst, and then extruded and formed. Manufactured from rigid foam panels. It has a closed-cell honeycomb structure, with extremely low water absorption, …

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Water-Based Fire Extinguisher Cylinder

For water-based fire extinguishers, the main components of the medicament, such as surfactants, are stirred with treated purified water. It exists in liquid form, so it is called water-based fire extinguisher for short. After the water-based (water mist) fire extinguisher is sprayed, it forms a water mist, which instantly evaporates a large amount of heat from …

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