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Noka Technologies

Charlie Martinez
Chief Operating Officer
Purchasing Director
Tel. +86 18767172693

Jim Chen.
Chief Engineer of Operation
Tel.+86 13852621849

Smile Lou
Chief Logistics Director
Tel. +86 13430651590

林栋杰 Richard Lin
Factory Sales Engineer.
Tel. 18681440049

China, Vietnam, and Singapore
Office No. 452, 4/F, Building 3,
No. 956, Qinfeng North Road. Tonxiang
Town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China. 314500
Tel No. 86 18767172693

El Salvador, Central America
Elizabeth Barrientos-
International Director Customer Services
Tel No. 503 77508014
Ave Cuscatlan # 876, Colonia Cuscatlán
San Salvador, El Salvador

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