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Noka Technologies

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High-quality copper decorative board from Noka.
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Precise choose! Steel Pipe Line From Noka
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Supply various types of high quality stainless steel plates.
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Aluminum roofing sheet has become a leading roofing material in the market
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Bridge Structure, Steel Towers | Offshore Structures

Disc Harrow

Disc harrows are used in the wasteland and heavy soil for stubble movement before plowing and soil crushing after plowing. Rehabilitation in dry farming areas can replace the plow for the first operation. On uncultivated I, the depth of the h arrow can reach 18 cm, and the ground surface is level after plowing, with good soil crushing and stubble elimination. The rake is easy to connect, easy to adjust, flexible to change, stable in driving, and good in road trafficable- Cty.

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