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Noka Technologies

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High-quality copper decorative board from Noka.
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Precise choose! Steel Pipe Line From Noka
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Supply various types of high quality stainless steel plates.
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Aluminum roofing sheet has become a leading roofing material in the market
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Bridge Structure, Steel Towers | Offshore Structures

Disc Plough

The disc plow is connected with the complete suspension of the tractor. During operation, the plow blade rotates to the plow and turns the soil. It is especially suitable for weeds, the stems are upright, the ground has a considerable specific resistance, and the earth has complex masonry pieces. F farmland plowing operations. It has the characteristics of no entanglement of grass, no blockage, no clogging of soil, capable of cutting crop stems and masonry pieces that over-come to the ground, high working efficiency, good working quality, convenient adjustment, sturdiness, and durability.

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