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Noka Technologies

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High-quality copper decorative board from Noka.
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Precise choose! Steel Pipe Line From Noka
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Supply various types of high quality stainless steel plates.
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Aluminum roofing sheet has become a leading roofing material in the market
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Bridge Structure, Steel Towers | Offshore Structures

SD1204 (140-120 hp) Noka tractor series


  • 6 -cylinders up er charge e en gi n es w its tro ng p o wer, high, h fuel e ff ciency and high torque oul put.
  • Matched with desert air filters (specially manufactured for Weichal), which have higher Reliability, more advanced, and excellent performance in harsh environments and weight-bearing operations.
  • Doub ie.-act ing and indep end enl ly-operated clutch with re lia bie p fo r-mance, large. e torque reserve coefficient and high transmission capacity. ee, e
  • T h e la test 16 +8 g gearbox w ith, m ore co fort i.e., g ear shifting o p eral ion, reason n able speed distr ibutio n and efficient operation.
  • Low e r 15 0 L u I tra – I a rg e fue I tan k cap a b ie of u p to I i m e of co n ti n u o u s efficient o peration
  •  7 6 018 5 0 o pI i o n a I fo r P T O s p e e d an nd a p p I i c a b ie I o v ar i o u s m a ch i n e d e p Io y men I; a x ie h ead s o f m an y o pI io n al s p e cific a I io n s for q u ick g e ar shift.

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