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High-quality copper decorative board from Noka.
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Precise choose! Steel Pipe Line From Noka
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Supply various types of high quality stainless steel plates.
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Aluminum roofing sheet has become a leading roofing material in the market
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Seabed valve

Seabed valve

Seabed valve, also known as emergency shutoff valve, is installed at the bottom of the tank. The valve disc is sealed in the tank. Cut-off groove is designed on the valve body. When the valve body is severely impacted, the valve body will break, protecting the tank from the bottom pipeline, effectively preventing oil leakage.

Working pressure0.6KPa
Maximum flow rate2500L/min
Main material materialAluminium alloy
Open modePneumatic(Q) and manual(S)

Name Model D0 D1 D2 D3

Name Model Do D1 D2 D3
Seabed valve JD002C-80 Φ182 Φ155 Φ115 Φ127
JD002C-100 Φ218 Φ190 Φ144 Φ150
JD002A-100 Φ218 Φ190 Φ150 Φ150
Name Model Do D1 D2 D3
Seabed valve JD002C-80 120 75 112 6-Φ14
JD002C-100 138 72 135 8-Φ14
JD002A-100 Φ173 115 130 8-Φ14
Name Model Z-d1
Seabed valve JD002C-80 4-Φ11
JD002C-100 4-Φ14
JD002A-100 8-Φ12

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