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Stainless steel pneumatic submarine valve

Use and characteristic

A stainless steel pneumatic submarine valve is installed in the tank at the bottom of the tank body for downloading refueling. The valve’s internal pressure is slight, large flow, and the edge of the flange of the valve body is cut groove; in tanker accidents, due to breaking track cannot tolerate too significant impact, the body pipeline and tank experience automatically disconnects on the plunger, and durable spring will remain sealed, tank medium does not leak, to ensure safety oil tank. When no gas source or other reasons can not be opened, it can be removed from the cylinder and manually opened.

Model description (QSDF-P. 100) for example

Q —- Express path
S —- Stainless steel
D —- Said the PTFE seal
F —- Indicates that you can manually
P*100 Express gas


Appearance and installation dimensions

Name Model Size Nominal pressure
    D D1 D2 L Z-do Z-d1  
Stainless steel


cut off valve



P. 100

Φ190 Φ118 Φ170 Φ130 8-Φ14 4-Φ14 0.6MPa

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