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Tank Truck Parts–Manhole Cover

Tank Truck Parts--Manhole Cover

JD008 manhole cover is installed on the top of the tank, with the functions of overturning and explosion-proof. It is equipped with a built-in breathing valve. When the pressure inside the tank is higher or lower than the external pressure, it will automatically adjust the pressure, making fuel transportation safer and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for storing and transporting light fuel such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil.

Standard size16”、20" (Optional)
Emergency opening pressure21KPa-32KPa
Maximum emergency exhaust oil volume7000m/h
Main material materialAluminum alloy and carbon steel(optional)
Installation methodFlange and clamp(optional)
Temperature range-20℃ to +70℃


Name Model D0 D1 D2
Manhole cover


JD008-580 580 542 496
JD008-560 560 530 482
JD008-460 460 432
Name Model H B Z-d
Manhole cover


JD008-580 88 12 24-Φ11

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