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High-quality copper decorative board from Noka.
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Precise choose! Steel Pipe Line From Noka
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Supply various types of high quality stainless steel plates.
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Aluminum roofing sheet has become a leading roofing material in the market
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Bridge Structure, Steel Towers | Offshore Structures

TCS Rotary Meter 一 Mechanical Register,Printer,Strainer & Air Eliminator


Positive displacement rotary design. Low maintenance. No metal-to-metal contact. Aluminum body, Viton seals. Printer function Strainer & air eliminator included.

Technical Specification

Max Pressure145psi(10bar)
Max Pressure145psi(10bar)
Ports1.5" BSPT2" BSPT3" BSPT4" BSPT
Register/talizer5 digit/8 digit
UnitLiter7US Gallon/IMP Gallon

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